The Brooke Hancock Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission regularly provides information for regional decision makers and interested parties. The following consists of data that may be used to assess the region’s response to or recovery from COVID-19. Further inquiries may be made to Craig Brown at (740) 282-3685 ext. 211 or via email

Unemployment by County

Air Traffic Data

Deed Recordings

Sales and Use Tax Distribution

Food Pantry Usage 

Gains and Losses in Private Businesses (Establishments)- Web Map App

This map reveals the quarterly change in total private establishments for each county. Each county’s number represents the number of private establishments gained or lost from the prior quarter. Clicking on a county will reveal a pop-up that breaks that county’s data down by industry.

Broadband Service by Census Block- Web Map App

This map shows the consumer broadband service level in every neighborhood in Brooke Hancock Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission’s region and outlying areas. Service level is categorized based on the number of providers and speeds available. Source: FCC


To get a rating of “Well-served,” the census block must be served by at least three providers, all of which provide service to that block at or above 25 Mbps download / 3 Mbps upload. Census blocks rated as “Unserved” either have no providers, or the providers’ services are all below the 25 Mbps download / 3 Mbps upload minimums.